Work Experience

Work Experience in The Sixth Form

We offer students the opportunity to undertake meaningful work experience for five days at the end of April/start of May in Year 12, in addition to any volunteering that students do as part of their weekly enrichment. Paid employment, such as part time jobs, does not count as work experience.

Work experience will help students:

  • Gain an insight into the ‘soft’ employability skills that employers look for when assessing young people for employability
  • To take on opportunities to develop these skills following their work experience
  • To gain an insight into particular professions to help them make informed post 18 choices when deciding what course to study at university or when applying for an apprenticeship.
  • Strengthen their applications to university or for an apprenticeship.

We are fortunate in the sixth form in that we can offer a flexible approach to work experience and options can include:

  • A workplace visit consisting of just one or two days
  • Work experience in one setting for five days
  • Job shadowing for just one or two days
  • Careers related volunteering or social action over the three or four days or as a regular placement for one to two hours a week over the school year, in free lessons.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have minimised the bureaucracy that has been a barrier in the past for employers in taking on 16/17 year olds.

  • For low risk environments, employers just need to have employers’ liability compulsory insurance, which will cover work experience students too.
  • For some high-risk environments, such as manufacturing, agriculture and construction, the employer will need to consider specific factors as outlined in the HSE guidance.
  • We are also aware that in the health care sector and early years sector that work experience students will have to apply for an enhanced DBS check before starting and that can take up to four weeks.

    You are more than welcome to organise your own work experience – if you do this you will need to complete the Route A form below. 

    If you would like the school to try to arrange something for you, then please complete the Route B form below detailing your interests so we can try to match you with something suitable.

    Please see Mrs Hart, Careers Lead or Mrs Thomas, Deputy Head of Sixth Form if you want to discuss work experience ideas or placements.

    Route A Parent and Student Agreement for student organised work experience

    Route B Work Experience Request Form


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